SANTUCCI & PARTNERS began with an entrepreneurial idea from its founder, Mr. Salvatore Santucci, who, after 25 years at the helm of the company, decided to branch out into the field of management consultancy and to involve his two junior consultants: Mr. Marco Malizia and Mr. Filippo Riccardi.

In the early months of 2007, Santucci & Partners began to provide advisory services, which could also be used by Public Administration. In May 2007, Mrs Giuliana Bazzurri joined the team to add her valuable contribution and experience. The organisational structure of the company also had the support of Mrs. Clarissa Melilli, who was given the task of coordinating office operations and was made responsible for privacy procedures, and in 2011 she was joined by Mrs. Gabriella Cornelio.

From May 2009 the team of Santucci & Partners was further strengthened by the arrival of Ing. Matteo Versiglioni who took an active part in the task forces set up for some major consultancy projects, for which he drew up the Business Plan.

At the end of 2010 the team developed still further by the addition of Mr. Marco Rosabella.

In early 2013 the team grew with the arrival of Sergio Filippi, a consultant with twenty years of experience who headed a number of ventures with the position of interim manager.

During 2014 Marcello Serafini joined our team; as a member of the Board of Direction he will be in charge of the “corporate organization” area. In the addition to the skills in his professional area of expertise, Serafini brings his background gained through years of business and entrepreneurial management for companies operating in the field of management consulting.
Also during 2014 our team was joined by Luca Tagliamonte, a young economics graduate of the University of Perugia who interned as a professional accountant. Tagliamonte will strenghthen the teams working in the area of Finance, Management Control and Special Operations.