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Our History

SANTUCCI & PARTNERS was founded in 2006 from the entrepreneurial idea of the promoter partners, Dr. Salvatore Santucci, Dr. Marco Malizia and Dr. Filippo Riccardi all accountants who wanted to develop their consulting activity in favour of companies in the area of management consulting in the form of a professional company.

In early 2007, Santucci & Partners began providing direct consultancy services also to the Public Administration.

Since May 2007, this activity has made use of the important contribution and experience of Dr.ssa Giuliana Bazzurri.

The organisational structure of the Company is also supported by Dr.ssa Clarissa Melilli with the task of coordinating the operational activities of the office. During 2011, she was joined by Mrs. Gabriella Cornelio.

At the end of 2010, the team was further enriched with the addition of Dr. Marco Rosabella, a certified public accountant, who took on the role of partner after a path of professional growth.

At the beginning of 2010, the team was enriched with the addition of Eng. Matteo Versiglioni with whom the establishment of the London Office run by Santucci & Partners Ltd was promoted and who today, after the positive experience, holds a prominent position in investment banking.

During 2014 Dr. Luca Tagliamonte oined the teams operating in the area of Finance, Management Control and Extraordinary Operations and became a partner in 2021.

Since the beginning of 2020, the team has been able to enrich itself with the professional contribution of Attorney Aurelio Forcignanò who became a Board Member of our company.

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