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Agency Services & Temporary Management

Temporany Management & CRO
(Chief Restructuring Officer):

TEMPORARY MANAGEMENT SERVICES: S&P, through its consultants, offerstemporary management services, assignments that are entrusted in strategic phases of company development, both in times of company reorganisation and in times of company development and growth, as well as being a tool to accelerate change. The primary activities carried out, in this context, can be represented as follows; – defining a shared corporate strategy, monitoring its implementation and setting the basis for a development that can last over time; – planning, proposing and implementing operational actions ‘in the field’, in order to improve corporate performance and management capabilities; Depending on the client’s needs, the action of our temporary managers can take the form of an integration lasting a few months or a medium-term project over a longer time span. The aim of each of our missions is to make the company self-sufficient in the management of its own processes, maintaining the results achieved over time.
CRO (Chief Restructuring Officier) SERVICES:Santucci & Partners’ consultants act as CROs in extraordinary moments of a company’s life and thus include the role of business crisis manager. S&P’s CROs are consultants who have gained significant experience in corporate governance and have directly managed recovery processes, having lived through the various moments in which the occurrence, evolution and resolution of the crisis are composed. Our consultants stand concretely at the side of companies to assist them in a path aimed, first, at their safeguard and, therefore, at their development. Crisis managers combine the ability to manage companies’ operations and interrelate with internal and external stakeholders with bankruptcy skills and consolidated strategic vision skills. They may or may not be members of the Board of Directors.

The crisis can basically be defined as an extraordinary period in the life of a company which, as such, must be tackled with extraordinary resources and knowledge and, above all, with the utmost promptness before the mechanisms that generated it develop to such an extent that they become difficult to manage, if not irreversible.

In this extraordinary time, the CRO is a support that assists the company in identifying the path to be taken and that, through managerial discontinuity and an Industrial Plan that gathers the consensus of the third parties involved, initiates and concludes the corporate recovery process.

The CRO should, therefore, be regarded as the entrepreneur’s main ally, concretely standing by his side to accompany him on a path aimed at safeguarding the existence and thus the development of the business.

Agency Services

Santucci&Partners has consolidated experience in restructuring transactions that have led to the signing of important agreements with financial creditors within the legislative framework proposed by Article 67, paragraph 3, letter d) L.F. and Article 182 bis et seq. of the same law.

As part of this activity, S&P functioned as the financial advisor in charge of drawing up the Recovery Plan and negotiated all contractual aspects, in cooperation with the legal advisors appointed by the banks.

Based on its experience, S&P is able to provide Bank Agency services by acting as an agent for banks and financial institutions in the context of financial restructuring agreements, syndicated loans and structured finance, as well as a wide range of services related to the management of the operational process and the coordination of relationships between companies, investment funds and financial institutions.

Sharing of information and supervision of the procedure:

S&P, through a shared on-line system that is accessed remotely for both the company and the banks, organises and shares documentation at every stage of the procedure, from the preliminary one to the periodic documents sent by the company.

Similarly, S&P manages and shares the calendar of contractually scheduled and regulated events.

Verification of compliance:

S&P verifies the fulfilment of the conditions precedent stipulated in the contractual agreements and the fulfilment of the periodic reporting obligations undertaken by the company (e.g. submission of financial statements, interim reports, status of implementation of the Plan).

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