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Support for Public Administration

Integrated territorial and business projects (RRP):

European territories and businesses are facing an epochal challenge.

On the one hand, there is an unprecedented opportunity for the availability of resources, on the other hand restarting a stable path of growth, reactivating production and domestic demand, will not be an easy process.

In this context, those territories that first equip themselves with effective support tools capable of drawing up and supporting integrated development programmes based on credible business projects will be able to catch up faster than others.

At the same time, companies’ attention to launching strategic investment projects in the direction of product and process innovation as well as projected with a view to integration and collaboration with other companies is becoming increasingly relevant.

In this perspective, the capacity of local authorities and businesses must be raised to activate all the important Community resources made available by the European Commission’s ordinary and extraordinary measures in a concrete manner and within a period compatible with needs, bearing in mind the constraints imposed and the tight timeframe, particularly for actions supported by the RRP.


Advisory support to companies for the submission of complex investment projects financed by national agencies and the European Commission.
Advisory support to local institutions for the development of integrated territorial development projects. Ex ante impact analysis of development support measures.
Advisory support to trade associations and other interested parties in the development of the business system in the analysis and proposal of integrated territorial development measures.
Training activities for public and private executives on corporate mission issues.


The team built by S&P involves the joint presence of the professionals of Santucci&Partners and Dr. Lucio Caporizzi, who integrates S&P’s specific skills in business planning with his acknowledged expertise in territorial planning and in-depth expertise in EU tools to support territories and companies.

Organisational and financial planning and control consultancy for local institutions

S&P has gained significant experience in the area of organisation of public administration services and optimisation of the organisation of local institutions.

In fact, even the optimisation of processes and internal organisation of the Institution can make use of specialised skills gained in the world of private business and contextualised through the experience gained by S&P’s consultants in the specific field of Public Administration.

In this context, S&P offers Due Diligence analysis services of the institution’s present and future accounting status.

In addition, in the field of planning services, S&P can make its expertise available to the Institution for the analysis of Project Financing initiatives proposed by private parties or for the preliminary evaluation of alternative paths: Contract, Project, financial leasing of public works etc.

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