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Business Model & Operational Philosophy

La Santucci & Partners believes that management consultancy is a fundamental factor of success and development for companies, as long as it is able to combine planning and methodological elaboration skills with the necessary concreteness, with the goal of supporting the entrepreneur and his management in the daily competitive effort.

In short, a consultancy that is able to take a participatory and active role in the definition of strategic company choices, in the improvement of company techniques and the growth of management, free from repetitive approaches and models, in the awareness that every entrepreneurial path is original and requires an adaptation of formulas that can only be validated and confirmed by empirical verification.

With this in mind, management consultancy must act as a linking factor between the projects promoted by the company with the context of reference and with all the external parties that are interested and able to make their contribution to the company’s growth. The strategic intention is, therefore, to act as a reference entity in central Italy, and beyond, in the field of management consulting for private companies and public institutions, providing them with a system of relationships built up over years of activity.

Believing that management consultancy services dedicated to companies can and should also be an important asset for the country’s financial institutions and the public administration, S&P has divided its services into three macro areas:

Management Consulting Services: which include planning and control services, support for extraordinary operations both of a corporate and financial nature and the search for funds;
Temporary Management Services: for companies and financial institutions consisting of Agency, CRO (Chief Restructuring office) and Temporary Management services;
Support to the Public Administration: including planning services for organisations (Public Institutions; Trade Associations; Banking Foundations) and public administration oriented to the design of integrated regional development plans and complex infrastructure investments.
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