Project Finance

During recent years, the use of project finance tools has also increased in Italy. The tool of project financing introduced into the regulations for Public Contracts by the legislative decree 163/2006 and subsequent amendments and supplements. These operations, in which a private enterprise (the Proposer) puts forward a proposal to Public Administration to show it is capable of planning, financing and constructing a Public Work.

The return for the Proposer, which may become the Concessionary at the end of the invitation to tender, consists of will be the right to manage the Work for a pre-established period of time. Consultants at Santucci& Partners have acquired a remarkable amount of experience in project finance, since they have implemented economic and financial plans for the construction of car parks, cemeteries, integrated commercial structures, public transport systems, headquarters for public administration offices, sports halls, etc.

Intervention by Santucci & Partners also envisages support to the Proposer during the entire negotiation stage with the Public Administration as well as an advisory activity for the purpose of obtaining funds from banks. Santucci & Partners also support the company in the preparation of the essential Draft Agreement in order to present the offer. Other professionals with specific knowledge of public contract law are also included n the project team as and when necessary.

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