Planning and Control

Consultancy aims to give management the basic tools, in order to be able to plan the company’s development correctly, and control the key variables of the business required to monitor not only the short-term results, but also, and above all, the correct, mid-long term position of the company.

1) Preparation of  the Business Plan

Consultants at Santucci& Partners support the company in the preparation of a document consisting of an analytical description of the business, with a strong emphasis on the analysis of competition and of the strengths of the enterprise. This is followed by a part with numerical calculations. The forecasts are generally shown across 4-5 financial years and consist of profit and loss budgets, assets and tables of the financial flows. The economic and financial plans are intended for those companies, which want to launch a new business and for entrepreneurs aiming to start up afresh.  They also of interest to public administrations, wishing to analyze the mid-long term perspectives of economic activities, currently carried out in-house.

2) Implementation of management control systems

This envisages the preparation of a system to control typical, financial management dynamics.   Advisors at Santucci& Partners prepare these systems to review company data with a view to providing the entrepreneur and managers with a tool, with which to make strategic and operational decisions.

3) Financial risk analysis and coverage

Advice is also given to provide management with an overview of the possible financial risks facing the enterprise not only from the point of view of the company’s financial structure, but also from the point of view of the fluctuating interest and exchange rates. Following a careful analysis, it will be possible to identify the most correct contractual tools to cover the risks by using derivative interest-rate contracts (e.g.: swaps, options, futures).

4) Consultancy for Public Authorities

This aims to provide guidelines for the management of Control and Planning to help the Public Authority achieve its aims and establish a better link between the resources consumed and the needs which are satisfied. Control, in particular, is understood as an activity which shows that cost-effectiveness is being pursued efficiently and effectively in order to provide public services.

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