Extraordinary operations

There are stages in the life of an enterprise, during which exceptional operations are required, which involve the entire corporate structure, the financial structure of the enterprise and the definition of the corporate, organisational structure (Governance). In this context, the role of the external advisor is often essential in order to provide the necessary professional support (surveys, implementation of projects for mergers and demergers). It also includes the provision of information to the third parties involved (banks, other members, institutions), as the advisor takes on the role of independent, authoritative third party.

1) Identification of financial partners to support business development projects

In this field, the advisors of Santucci& Partners have made use of the experience gained in the planning activities to assist management in the preparation of business plans to be submitted to financers in the form of  debt  capital or equity. Moreover, Santucci & Partners can make use, not only of its specialized skills, but also of the network of relationships network created during 25 years of collaboration with the Banking and Finance System

Since July 2007, our company has been registered in the list of MAC (Alternative Capital Market) advisors. This enables us to support enterprises and customers with the listing procedures on the new market.

2) Support of M&A operations between enterprises

The development of a firm is strictly linked to its ability to synergise and merge with other companies. In this context, the role of the external consultant becomes fundamental for the analysis of the market scenario, the identification of possible partners (or the identification of target companies in the event of acquisitions or mergers). Furthermore, the role of a corporate consultant with the necessary professional tools becomes essential in the negotiation stage and in the identification of the optimal procedures in an agreement. Santucci & Partners consultants have already assisted numerous firms in such projects. Their experience in dealing with the specific operations, characterized by unusual strategic and legislative constraints for cooperative companies, should be emphasised.

3) Support for corporate reorganization for company Groups (mergers and demergers)

Consultancy aims to review the organizational structure of a Group of companies. The approach of Santucci& Partners consultants focuses on the organizational and business variables, where the fiscal aspects are treated as obligations and a chance to review the selected strategic options. In practice, this means reviewing the company structure within the Group from a strategic viewpoint on the basis of opportunities in civil and fiscal law.

4. Company valuations

Santucci & Partners calculate the ECONOMIC VALUE of the customer company, on the basis of valuation methods commonly accepted both by the financial markets and by economic theory. In any event, the company and managerial training of S&P advisors will ensure that the valuation will always be based on the historical data of the company depending on information regarding its strategic position and its true potential for growth and an increase in income.

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