Mr. Salvatore Santucci is a lecturer in Business Economics at the Faculty of Law, Degree Course in Legal Services.

Mr. Filippo Riccardi lectures in the module “Models of interpretation of company economic and financial dynamics” within the course of studies of Business Economics at the Faculty of Law, Degree Course in Legal Services.

All the consultants at S&P lecture in managerial training courses throughout Italy. Among the most important of these are:

Decembre2011 – “Project Financing: financial monitoring, bankable assets and the way out” – CONFINDUSTRIA VICENZA – Mr. Salvatore Santucci

April 2011 – “Auditing: some tools to analyse corporate data” – Association of Certified Public Accountants, Perugia – Mr. Filippo Riccardi

June 2009 – “Expert in public tenders. Module 3: aspects of implementing project financing” – ASSOCIAZIONE VERSO L’EUROPA, Città di Castello – Mr. Salvatore Santucci

May 2009 – “Strategy, planning and control: what is the decisive information and variables? – AFBNet, Perugia – Mr. Salvatore Santucci, Mr. Filippo Riccardi

January-Decembre 2009 – “Manager of Innovation” – SFCU Perugia – Mr. Salvatore Santucci, Mr. Filippo Riccardi

April-October 2008 –Orizzonte Project Course “Company Assessment” – SFCU Perugia – Mr. Salvatore Santucci, MR. Filippo Riccardi, Ms. Giuliana Bazzurri

February-May 2008 – Master Manager of Small and Medium Enterprises – CCIAA Perugia – Mr. Salvatore Santucci and Mr. Filippo Riccardi

February 2008 – “Financing investments of Local Authorities: roles and responsibilities of the financial services and the Municipal Technicla Office” – GUBBIO MANAGEMENT – Ms. Giuliana Bazzurri

July 2007 – Training courses for member enterprises concerning the legal, economic and finanzial aspects of Project Financing – ANIE, Milan – Mr. Salvatore Santucci

April 2007 -Training Systems Confindustria Umbra – Project code PG.O6.03.33.019, “Expert in systems to control Economic and Financial Management for small and medium enterprises, module no. 11 – “Business Finance” – Mr. Santucci.

December 2006 -Training Systems Confindustria Umbra – project code UM. UM, “University 2nd level Master in Export Manager in charge of internal contracts and intellectual property”, module “International Fiscal Law” – Mr. Marco Malizia.

Novembre 2006 – Confagricoltura Umbria servizi S.r.l. “Training course for workers from Professional Agricultural Organisations” as part of the Advisory, Training and Tutoring Project for agricultural enterprises for access to gthe Guarantee Fund Financed by the Chambre of Commerce of Perugia (CCIAA) – Mr. Filippo Riccardi and Mr. Marco Malizia.

November 2006 – Training Systems Confindustria Umbra lectures within the course “Managing the Enterprise”, module “How to finance your strategy of development” – Mr. Salvatore Santucci.

March 2006 – “Legal and administrative expert for local public services” – ATO Foligno – Mr. Salvatore Santucci