Unified law 2009: new tax laws and related subjects

July 5, 2009  |  News
A study workshop: UNIFIED LAW 2009: NEW TAX LAWS AND RELATED SUBJECTS was organised by the Union of Young Accountants in Perugia and in particular by their President Mr. Filippo Riccardi. Sponsored by the Association of Chartered Accountants and Expert Accountants in the Province of Perugia, it was held on 22nd May 2009....
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Capital and development strategies for enterprises

July 2, 2009  |  News
A meeting entitled CAPITAL AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES FOR ENTERPRISES will be held at 5.00 p.m. on Monday 13th July 2009 at the head office of Confindustria Perugia. The original idea wished to offer entrepreneurs operational models and useful experience to guarantee a development of their own enterprises in this uncertain context due to the crisis...
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Project Financing: aspects of application

June 25, 2009  |  News
On Tuesday 30th June, Ms. Giuliana Bazzurri will give a lecture on Project Financing for the course on “Expert in public invitations to tender”, financed by the European Social Fund and organised by the Association “Verso l’Europa” (Towards Europe) in Città di Castello....
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Managerial training seminar

May 19, 2009  |  News
The Managerial Training Seminar: PLAN, PROGRAMME AND CONTROL THE FACTORS OF ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS will be held on Tuesday 26th May 2009 at the Posta dei Donini (San Martino in Campo – PG). The Seminar is for all entrepreneurs and administration heads who wish to learn the techniques of planning, programming and control to improve the...
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Inauguration of Municipal Offices in Perugia

April 6, 2009  |  News
On Thursday 9th April 2009 at 11.00 a.m. the Mayor of Perugia, in the presence of numerous authorities, will inaugurate the new headquarters of the municipal offices, located in the former High School Pascoli in the Historic Town Centre of the City, in Via Guardabassi....
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The code of Public Contracts

March 23, 2009  |  News
On Monday 30th March the Advanced Course on the procedures concerning the award and implementation of public contracts will begin at the School of Public Administration Villa Umbra. Work will commence on Monday 30th March with a speech by the lawyer Mr. Spinelli, course coordinator, and by the advisors from SANTUCCI & PARTNERS, the Chairman...
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